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Skin Therapy is at the forefront of cutting edge technology, our aim is to use this technology to help accurately asses your skin, as well as enhance our medical grade skin treatments.

Our latest piece of technology comes all the way from Germany, the VisioFace Skin Imaging System takes multiple images, including 3D imagery, to effectively treat and monitor the skin. Skin Therapy is the only clinic in NZ to have this technology.

VisioFace Skin Diagnostic Device

Skin Therapy is pleased to announce the addition of computerised skin analysis equipment to the clinic in March. All the way from Germany, Skin Therapy is the only clinic in NZ to have this technology.

With our new VisioFace skin diagnostic device, we will be able to offer a much more detailed analysis of your skin. The VisioFace will be able to quickly quantify aspects of the skin such as pores, depth of wrinkles, levels of pigmentation and erythema, skin texture, unevenness and homogeneity.

In conjunction with our detailed consultation, the VisioFace will allow us to provide you a new level of skin diagnostic expertise.

This type of equipment is normally used by dermatologists, but as serious skin treatment practitioners, we believe our clients deserve the very best we can offer.

CK Electronic Skin Measuring Device

This four function analyser is designed the take the guess work out of diagnostic Skin Analysis. Along with our comprehensive Skin Analysis Consultation, we will use this machine to for effective digital results.

We are able to measure Hydration, Lipid, Pigment and Erythema Levels in the skin. Allowing for a effective treatment and home care plan.