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Advanced Skin Analysis

A thorough consultation with a fully qualified therapist. Using the latest in digital skin analysis equipment and the most advanced diagnostic techniques in the world, we will go through diet lifestyle, skin history and your concerns. With the outcome of knowing exactly what cells and systems have been affected, this allows us to help you achieve the best possible results.

We are now proud to offer our clients the best in digital technology with the new VisioFace skin diagnostic device – Skin Therapy is the only clinic in NZ to have this specialized technology, all the way from Germany.

Two step consultation - Initial Consultation and Follow up Appointment 1 week later.

90 mins  -  $125.00

Re-evaluation of digital readings and follow up

15 mins  -  $42.00


The Prologic story began in 2011, created and formulated by Skin Therapy’s very own Rachel Robertson. After 13 years in the Beauty Therapy Industry and studying Cosmetic Chemistry, Rachel’s dream of creating a professional result-based skincare range became a reality.

Working on strengthening the skin barrier defense system and balancing the epidermal lipids, Prologic is about building strong foundations first – then targeting specific skin concerns. Using high level vitamins, antioxidants and anti-ageing peptides, this is a Cosmeceutical product like no other. Designed to provide the very best results, Prologic is professional logic in a bottle.

Prologic Omega 3 Facial

This one hour of indulgence includes a full back massage, a unique cleansing process and pressure point massage.

Using 100% Kiwi Seed Oil, this facial is designed to increase Essential Fatty Acid levels in the skin, aiding in repairing cell systems and functions. You will leave us glowing, relaxed and pampered.

60 mins  -  $136.00

Prologic Medical Needling Treatment

Prologic Medical Needling is a specialised treatment, the most effective non-invasive form of skin rejuvenation. 540 Microneedles stimulate collagen and essential epidermal growth factors, along with providing 10,000 times better penetration of vitamins and peptides.

Recommended for results with Pigmentation, Scar Tissues, Anti-Ageing, Stretch Marks and General Skin Health.

0.5mm 45mins - $169.50
1.0mm 60mins - $209.50

Prologic Specialized Treatment

Customized by your qualified therapist, this facial is tailor made to suit your skins needs. A selection of serums will ensure the best possible results with concerns such as Pigmentation, Anti-Aging, Eczema, Rosacea and Acne.

60mins - $172.50

Prologic Enzyme Oil Treatment

The perfect pick me up treatment for dull, tired skin. Also highly recommended on 5 day after Prologic Medical Needling. Formulated with fruit enzymes in a skin identical oil, this treatment will remove surface impurities leaving your skin glowing.

30mins - $92.00


Dermaviduals is the latest in Advanced Skin Care Technology. Using nanoparticles and liposomes it has a delivery system into the skin like no other. The products are formed with a base cream called Dermal Membrane Structure (DMS) which resembles the membrane structure of the natural skin barrier, and to which specific ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Co-enzyme 10 are added to help care for problematic skins and prevent premature ageing. As every skin is different, dermaviduals can be tailored individually for each person to suit their specific skin concerns.

The range is free from emulsifiers, preservatives, mineral oils and fragrances.

Dermaviduals Customized Facial 60mins - $172.50

Specalised Additional Treatments

Add any of these to your facial to enhance the results even more.

Prologic Medical Needling Hand Treatment

For clients having Prologic Medical Needling Treatments, get the same amazing results on your hands. One of the first areas to age, treat those sun spots and dry skin with medical needling.

15 mins - $40.00


Firming Eye Treatment

Soothe tired puffy eyes with this fantastic cooling mask, while Vitamin C stimulates the skins natural collagen production for firmer younger looking eyes.

No extra time - $20.00
Add to any other treatment 15 mins - $35.00